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Volvo P1800 Tachometer Repair

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Bought a fuel gauge and a tachometer from ebay in Nov 2021. The fuel gauge is working fine, and I have installed it onto my P1800. I paid US$10.50 for the fuel gauge and US$55.99 for the tachometer from ebay.

However, the tachometer is faulty. So, I decided to get it repaired or converted from RVI to RVC.

Not yet success, and still in the middle of converting.

As the tachometer inner chrome part is rusty, I decided to repaint it. I still have some chrome paint left over from my previous air filter paint job. This time I used undercoat first before spraying the chrome paint, this shall prevent and reduce rust possibility and makes paint sticking better to the metal. Two layers of each paint.

Wiring has been done, now need to do the calibration part.