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Volvo Record of my P1800

I contacted Volvo care few weeks ago (Volvo Car Malaysia Customer Service <mycare@volvocars.com>), to check with them on my Volvo P1800 history. Their services are top notch, and will follow up with me every few days on the delay of the history information retriever.

Today, I got their email on the history of my car. This confirmed that my car is indeed a 1965 year made, though on the Malaysia registration card it was written as 1966. Perhaps during that time it look a long period for the car to travel from Sweden to Malaysia via sea.

My car was brand new imported from Sweden to Malaysia in 1965, B18B engine, 4 speeds gearbox with overdrive (M41 gearbox).

Model 1800S 
Chassis no. 15377 
Type 18335 
Colour 79 
Upholstery 307 
Engine B18B 
Engine no. 7582
Gearbox M41 
Gearbox no. 305639 
Body no. 15524 
Date of dispatch 9 July 1965 
Country of delivery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

The original paint colour code was 79, which was pearl white. I actually love white colour, especially pearl white.

As for the upholstery, colour code 307 is referring to red. This should be similar to what I am having now on my car.

Source: http://www.volvotips.com/index.php/p1800/interior-upholstery-p1800/

Thank you Volvo for your great customer service!

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