24 September 2023


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Volvo P1800 vs P120 vs P130 Production Volume

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How rare is the P1800? or the 4 Doors Amazon (P120)? or the 2 Doors Amazon (P130)?

Here’s some of the production volume of each models.

Volume: 39414
Volume: 359916
Volume: 234208

Volvo P1800 of course is the rarest, not really that rare but is much lower production volume versus the amazon series.

I thought the 2 door amazon is rare, at least in Malaysia, but it is actually 50% more than the 4 doors version. Or in other word, the 4 doors version is actually rarer than the 2 doors version. There is another wagon version, but that one is not what I am interested in (at least for now).

Still, I prefer to have a 2 doors Amazon than a 4 doors version…