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K&N air filter for Volvo P1800, installed.

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Received the K&N filters from USA few weeks ago, but I wanted to wait till my car oil leaking problem solved then only install the filters, to avoid scratches to it. Also, I was missing the short 35mm bolts and nuts, so have to purchase from hardware store.

Finally, I was able to go to hardware store and got my stainless steel m8 35mm bolts, nuts and washers for the air filters. Total 4 sets. Costs just RM5. Polished type, looks great!

After work, got home at around 7pm, and I decided to install the air filters. It is a simple and straight forward job, as I have removed the air filters a few times.

Below are the photos of my old air filters. 3 bolts type, which is wrong, and the paint I sprayed on it looks terrible.

This is the K&N air filter. Consist of 3 pieces: back plate, air filter, front plate. The back plate has to be mounted onto the carburetor before putting the air filter and front plate on.

Took me 30 mins to install everything. Could be faster but I just want to be careful not to scratch the plate. Mirror like front plate.

Finally, peeling off the blue protective cover.

Morning start of the Volvo P1800 after installing the K&N Air Filters. There should be better air flow into the carburetors.