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My Volvo P1800 Back from Workshop (Solved Oil Leaking Issues – Oil Pressure Gauge & Valve Cover)

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Took my car from the workshop yesterday evening after left there for 2 days.

Work done:

  1. Installed Oil Pressure Gauge
  2. Installed Aluminum Valve Cover

Sounds like an easy job, and I have tried do it myself…end up not so easy. Oil leaks everywhere. It was a good experience to try DIY, learned something new and gain some new knowledge from the mechanics.

The mechanic said no washer is needed when connecting the pipe to the oil pressure gauge, but the fitting needs to be perfect. As for the valve cover, needs special glue for the cork gasket. If use rubber gasket, then no glue is needed. Cannot over tightening the screws or bolts too, else the gasket might deform and cause leak.

Love the new valve cover of my car! Spent extra money for the Volvo lettering valve cover, no regret!