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Oil Pressure Gauge for my Volvo P1800 (Replaced, Leaked)

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My mechanic was busy, so I tried to fit the newly bought oil pressure gauge to my Volvo P1800 yesterday.

I bought two gauges actually from ebay, at a different time.

The first unit I bought was the 5th Dec 2021

Oil Pressure Gauge = $39.00
Shipping = $6.01
Tax = $3.04
Order total = $48.05

Then I saw another very new unit starting bid at $39, I couldn’t resist and placed the bid and won it on 30th Jan 2022.

Oil Pressure Gauge = $39.00
Shipping = $10.99
Tax = $3.37
Order total = $53.36

Of course I took the better one to install. Took me quite a while to fit the gauge to my car panel. The location is at the middle, so it is really hard to access. I started the car and the needle moved to slightly above 50 immediately. Works great! By the way, the light bulb is fine too! (I haven’t secure the gauge, as it is really hard to screw it on)

Update 02 March 2022 (Weds)

My oil pressure gauge was leaking like crazy. Engine oil was flowing from the connecting joint to the air cond and the floor of the car. Quite bad. I tried tighten the joint again myself, but not success. Decided to sent it to the workshop to have it done. Facebook group said need washer, but the mechanic said no need. Sent the car to him yesterday, and I went to check it out just now. He said the leak has been solved. Just wait for more test and if no leak, tomorrow can take the car.