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Recaro Recliners for my Volvo P1800

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After done the reupholstry, I thought my car seats were way too straight, so I wanted a Recaro recliner set for the car. Though later I did found out the mistake is by the installer and managed to rectify the problem, still I wanted a firm seat with locked back cushion instead of the loose type.

Posted in Facebook P1800 group and bought a set of this Recaro recliner from a member there. Paid US$230 for it, not exactly cheap, but that’s about the price at ebay + tax. So I think it is still a good buy.

I also bought a set of stainless steel screws from ebay, as the seller does not include a complete set of screws for it. Though I can reuse the existing screws from my old chair (they are already rusted), but I think a new stainless steels set should be better, since I already spent so much on the Recaro. Costs me US$20.99 for the screw set.

Installed the passenger side last night, learned some new knowledge. Not so difficult to do. Today I installed the driver side, which took shorter time.

Condition of the Recliners are better on the passenger side, or should I say it is the driver side in the USA car. This is my driver side. I took some photos before the swap.

I also tried to repair the seat rails today. It was shaking, and I have bought some metal balls to be installed onto the rails to firm it up. I am surprised it works! I didn’t manage to install the metal balls completely to eliminate the seat shaking issue, but it is not as loose as before. The metal balls do work!

I might have to ask the upholstery man to help me dismantle the seats to do a proper installation of the metal balls. No need to buy a new seat rail.