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My Volvo Water Pump Pulley Replacement

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Got my used ebay bought water pump pulley replacement unit 2 days ago. It was really dirty and rusty. I used WD40 to soak it overnight, then use metal wool to clean it. Use also blade to scrap some hard rust off. It was so very dirty that I have to wear rubber gloves and changed a few times as tore off by the metal wool.

I didn’t use sand paper to polish it, as I don’t have one ready. I also do not want to thinner the surface, which might weaken it and damaged later like my previous pulley.

Here’s the after cleaned pulley. Still some rust, but I can live with it and will get a spray paint to cover it up later.

From Facebook group, someone mentioned about old and new design of the pulley. I couldn’t see the difference then, but now only I realize how to differentiate it easily.

Obviously, my original one and the replacement unit that I bought are OLD design. New design is having bigger neck diameter, and is not tapper like a cone shape. I did a picture illustration of the two for easier understanding.

OLD vs NEW Design

Now I am thinking if I should get a spare of the newer design just in case…