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Bought K&N Filters for my Volvo P1800

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I have searched high and low, up and down, modified the existing air filters, repainted them…but still…they are still not up to my standard. I am a bad painter I admit.

I wanted the Volvo original air filter, but I won’t want to pay more than US$200 for a set of USED filters with uncertain performance but only the look.

So, my 2nd alternative is K&N filter. I have used K&N filter in my Peugeot RCZ before, and I can feel the performance boost after installing the filter. Maybe only mental feel, but if it feels good, then it is worth it.

K&N filter for my Volvo P1800 is more than just performance boost, it will look good as well!

Googled and found this website selling at US$79 per filter:


I then posted on FB group and someone recommended me this (US$89.99):


The above website gives a very good info, the model of the filter, which is PART # 222-960. Which such info, it is much easier for me to google.

I then found this (US$95.00 per pair!):

This is really cheap! The descriptions said:

MGB K&N air filter pair. New in Boxes, still has the blue plastic wrap on the chrome. These are for 1 and 3/4 SU carbs and they are 3 inch deep. Part number 222-960.

MGB and Volvo P1800 use the same SU carburetor in their cars, so this pair shall fit my car well. This price might be old stock or used returned unit from customers, but the descriptions said it is new in boxes, so should be fine. Nearly 50% discount, so I don’t mind if it shows a bit used. I google for some info of the website, whois their registry, seems legitimate, so I placed the order and paid via PayPal (extra protection for buyer). I revisited the website and it is now written as SOLD. So that means they only have ONE set. I am glad that I bought it, can’t wait to receive the pair soon!