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Fixing the Interior Light of my Volvo P1800

I have posted some of the fixing work previously, but not a dedicated blog post for it. So I might as well written it down now.

I bought two festoon LED online, yellow colour type, 39mm. Previously I bought a 34mm one, white LED, which is too short to fit firmly. The white one was extremely hot, while the yellow one wasn’t hot at all. Yellow type isn’t commonly available, have to search around. Previous owner doesn’t have the festoon bulb installed, either damaged or the switch was just faulty and continue lighting up the bulb, which can lead to overheating on the cover and dangerous.

Fitting it to the car was easy. Just open the light cover and push it in. However, one side was light up, but the other side wasn’t. I wasn’t sure what was the problem, and my mechanic later told me is the switch issue.

As the switch is sealed, so it wasn’t so easy to repair. I searched and found used switch from ebay, ordered and waited few weeks for it to arrive.

Forgot to bring it home during the weekends, and finally, I was able to fit it to my Volvo yesterday. Just a simple unscrew the front cover, pull out 3 wires, attached it to the new switch and lock it back to the housing. This is the “new” switch. Noticed that the locking screw is ROUND shape, not the hexagonal shape as per my old one.

Tested the switch after installation and it is working fine. The door push button to auto light up the light doesn’t seems to be working though. Might get the replacement auto switch for the door when time comes.

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