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Volvo P1800 Headlight Gasket

Found my torx type screwdrivers today, and finally able to dissemble the Volvo P1800 headlight and install the rubber gasket.

Bought a pair of these from USA, received few weeks ago. The previous owner installed the headlights to the car without the rubber gasket, which means the metal of the headlight housing is sitting directly on the metal body of the car. I don’t fee so comfortable with the bare metal touching / scratching the body paint of the car, as the headlight housing has some rust on it and is already quite old. The chrome housing does fit the car body perfectly though. I didn’t know the car was missing the gasket until I saw the headlight assembly by chance.

This is the headlight of my car without the gasket.

Took me an hour+ to dissemble and reassemble the two headlights with gasket. I started with the right headlight first. Took me quite a while to remove the chrome right from the headlight. Internal screws were quite straight forward to remove and refit.

I then proceed with the left headlight. Now, with more confident and knowing how to remove the chrome right, it took much shorter time for me to remove and refit.

Not perfect, but I am happy with the add-on.

Improving the Volvo…one screw at a time… 🙂

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