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Volvo P1800 Seats Correction

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Finally, was able to correct the seat back rest today. One by the reupholstry man, one by myself. He was busy, so didn’t manage to do both for me. Since it is quite easy and straight forward, I decided to do it myself when reached home.

Today, Saturday, still a working day for me, half day though. I work till 2.45pm, went home for lunch, then at around 3.30pm I went to visit the reupholstry shop to correct the chair. I can do it myself actually, but I wanted him to rewrap the leather on the metal bars.

I spent almost two hours on the car today after reaching home from the reupholstery shop at around 4.10pm. Corrected the back seat holder and tighten the screws.

Thesephotos were taken before the correction, the leather wrap already damaged.

These were after corrections.

Both seats look so much better and natural angle now after corrected the stopers!

After correcting the seats, I decided to install the seat belts. I can’t find the exact bolts for the welded nuts for the seat belts. Bought quite a few, even from USA, but all were not compatible. I decided to use two bolts that I bought from online, though not 100% compatible, I decided to just force the bolt in. So long that I can tighten it, then it should be fine. Better than no seat belts or indefinite find and wait.

For the passenger side, I decided to just have the seat belts locked onto the center lock instead of laying it to the door side skirt. I have installed a hanger at the side edge, but need to do some mod to get the seat belt hang there.

Corrected also the shaking driver seat. Bearings and rail of the seat were damaged. Will be hard to find a replacement, so I decided to do a temporary fix. Use a screw and a bolt to tighten the shaking part. Not perfect, but better than before.

The mechanic said he has repaired the interior lights but the switch is broken. I bought two LED festoon online, purposely find yellow colour one to be installed to my Volvo. I tried the switch, yes, it is faulty. Has to flip at certain angle then only can light the LED up. I have bought a replacement switch from USA, shall install it myself later. Glad to see the lights in the car!

So happy with the work today. Nice interior of my car.