3 June 2023


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My Wife’s Mercedes S300 Polishing & Coating

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Did I mention that I sent my Mercedes S300 to the car wash shop after taking my Volvo back on the same day? That was on Tuesday. I was really satisfied with the work done on my Volvo P1800, that I decided to send my wife’s Mercedes S280 in for the same treatment as well. As the car is bigger, he charged RM750 for it.

The boss, Mr Wong, told me that Mercedes’s paint is harder, so need longer time to polish. I told him no rush.

Received a message from the car wash shop yesterday evening, informing that my Mercedes is ready.

Looks great from the photos I must say, but at the same time NOT so clear. Am excited to see the actual car myself.

This morning, after breakfast my wife and I went to take the car. Condition is quite satisfying, really huge differences from previous dull paint. Too bad I didn’t take the photos before the coating, but I still remember clearly how scratchy and dull the paint is before sending it for coating. The bonnet has many stone chips, so does the windscreen, which can’t be saved from polishing. However, the condition of the paint is now in much better shape, with a layer of clear coat shines.

I took another set of photos when the car reached home. Under the day light it shines better. Can see the reflection of my ceiling fan from the car porch.

I highly recommend this shop to those who want to have their car shines, without breaking the pocket. Old cars need such treatment to go back to his car 1 glory again.

Found some old photos of the S280 that I took in Oct 2021, not an apple to apple comparison as the photos were taken at night, but you can judge roughly the paint condition from the light reflections.

Here are some better comparisons of the similar angle of the car, before and after polishing / coating.