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My Volvo P1800 Polishing & Coating

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Can’t stand the rough paint condition of my Volvo, so decided to send it for polishing and coating today.

Got the recommendation from a friend, so more confident with the quality and workmanship. Price is actually quite cheap for the coating services, RM650. I think I paid more than RM2000 for my Alphard and Peugeot RCZ for coating services. RM650 includes polishing and one layer coating. If polish + wax, the price is RM450.

Star Dragon Snow Car Wash & Polish Centre

37 Jalan Seri Impian 1 Taman Impian Emas, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
012-722 3699

I arrived at the shop at around 10am. After a short discussion, we proceed with the work. Since it is raining today, so the shop is quite empty. Initially I was a bit worry of the rain, as the coating might not be able to withstand rain later. The boss also said that it takes a week for the coating to cure fully. So, must wait till sunny day to drive it back home. Rainy day is good to send my car there, as I doubt people will send their car for washing today, and the boss can concentrate on polishing my car.

First step is to wash it. Quite a quick job. Then proceed to claying.

After a first quick clay, I am surprised to see that almost all the rough feeling of the paint are gone. I touched several area that were just clayed, and they are smooth. Good feeling and I am glad that the paint is not hurt.

Am not going to stay there whole day for the work, so I left after 30 mins. Hope to see good result tomorrow!

(Glad to learn about claying magic first hand today. I might just buy some clays myself and do the claying in future on my other car. However, after claying, it is a MUST to wax / seal the paint with some protective coating or wax. So it is still not an easy job and still time consuming.)

Update at 7.49pm

I messaged the shop owner and he sent me some photos of the car. Not yet done, still in preparation for polishing work. From morning till night. Excited to see the results.

Update at 5pm, 03 Jan 2022 (Monday)

Got a message from the workshop that my car is ready! Not free to collect the car today, so I will visit the shop tomorrow. Looks great, can’t wait to see it in person tomorrow!

Update at 11am, 04 Jan 2022 (Tuesday)

Went to the car wash shop to get my Volvo back today in the morning at around 8.45am. The shop opens early at 8am.

Really happy with the quality of the work. Almost all swirl marks are gone. Scratches are gone as well. I can see reflection of my ceiling fan on the bonnet. Surface is extremely smooth and clean.

Update 06 Jan 2022 (Thursday)

Did I mention that I sent my Mercedes S300 to the car wash shop after taking my Volvo back on the same day?