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My Volvo P1800 is back to home

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A friend WhatsApp me the photo of my Volvo P1800 parked outside the workshop yesterday.

I sent the car to the workshop few days ago (23rd Dec 2021), after gotten the car from the upholstery work, hoping that the mechanic can continue with the job to rectify the oil leak and change the pressure gauge.

The mechanic did told me that their workshop is full house, but I didn’t expect him to park my car outside under the sun and rain. Worse part is that their next door is car paint shop. Can see all the dust and rain marks on the car outside the workshop.

So, I decided to bring it home the day before new year. Called the mechanic and got the car back at around 6.30pm, 31st December 2021, Friday.

Really enjoy driving the car back from the workshop. Air Cond is super cold, nice music, lovely leather seats, rain outside and my wiper is working fine with new rubber, Volt gauge showed over 14 strong volts. Car next door was showing a thumbs up to me at a traffic light.

After dinner, I decided to give it a wash. During washing, I can feel the rough surface of the paint. Heart pain. The Volvo has been sent out for work for more than a month. I finally got to wash it. Might have to do some claying work to remove the dirt.

Love it!

Took some photos today after cleaning up the interior.

Checked the engine compartment, a bit dusty. Wiped it up and cleaned up some water inside the battery tray after last night wash. Am surprised to see the battery indicator to show GREEN again!

Selfie of today!