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Work Leadsled Rim on my Volvo P1800

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The previous owner of my Volvo P1800 has told me that the sportsrim on the car is the original WORK rims from Japan. I tried google online previously, went to WORK Japan website, but still couldn’t find the exact match.

The closet I found is styled below, which is similar but NOT the same as my current rims.


Yesterday, someone asked about the RIM of my Volvo P1800, so I did another google search, went to WORK website again and this time I saw their DISCONTINUED product section. Clicking and glancing through all their discontinued RIMs, I FOUND IT! It is the LEADSLED 17″ discontinued in 2008. Below is the info in their PDF brochures.

The price of each rim was JPY62,000, which translate to around RM1800 back then in year 2008, at the exchange rate of JPY100 = RM3.00. Four pieces would cost RM7500. The previous owner said the rims cost around RM8k, which is quite accurate.