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My Volvo P1800 Upholstery Update

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Went to see my car today to check the progress of the upholstery. Supposed to finish the work today, but I saw some parts that I am not satisfied with, so I asked the shop owner to redo.

Car seats have been reinstalled. The driver seat is still shaky. The shop said is because of the damaged rail at the bottom. Can’t be repaired. Need to find a new rail…this will be tough…

I find the seats to be too upright. Didn’t remember that it was so straight…but should be my bad memory. Now I wished I have bought the Recaro Seat Adjusters Recliners from ebay. Will aim at next ebay auction!

Colour is similar to the previous one, just a bit brighter. Overall quality is good, I would give a 8.5 out of 10.

Door boards have been replaced with new one, as the previous old board seems wet and damaged.

Stitches seems ok. One thing that I am not satisfied are the edges. Could be better.

The rear seats are not done well. Not enough sponge beneath, I ask the shop to redo.

Going to take another 1-2 days to get it perfect.