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My Boy’s Birthday on Christmas!

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Christmas is always the big day for us! My boy Emmanuel is having his birthday on Christmas!

Every year we will prepare 2 presents for him. One for Christmas, one for birthday.

Emmanuel mentioned to be about a gaming mouse few months ago. I know he wanted one, and I told him that he can only get it during Christmas.

I bought the Logitech G502 Gaming mouse few weeks ago during 11.11 sales. Kept in the office and I told my wife this will be Emmanuel’s present. My wife told Emmanuel about the gift earlier, and he can’t wait! He told my wife that he can have the mouse first, and put the box back under the tree as present.

So, yesterday night he got the mouse. He was excited about it and I am glad that he liked the present.

Now, I have gotten another present for him…but this time will have to wait till Christmas day for the surprise! Sad if everybody got a present to unwrap but not him during Christmas day! A gaming system is surely incomplete without the gaming keyboard!