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Volvo – Drive it like you hate it

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When Volvo came to the U. S. front Sweden in 1956, Chevy was the “hot one,” Ford was the “safe one,” and Volkswagen was just catching on as the “funny one?’

We’d like to lay that Volvo immediately caught on as the “tough one.” It didn’t. At firm only the “car nuts” bought it. They figured that if a Volvo could hold up under Swedish driving (no highway speed limits), survive Swedish roads (80% unpaved), withstand Swedish winter (30° below), that a Volvo would hold up under anything.

They figured right. Volvos were driven right off showroom floors onto race tracks where they proceeded to win more races than any other compact ever made.

Volvos are still winning races. But that isn’t why they’re bought today. Volvos are now being used and misused as family car. They’re safe. And on the high-way they run away from other popular-priced compact in every speed range, yet get over 25 miles to the gallon like the little economy can.

Volvo is now called the “tough one.” And it’s the higgent4elling imported compact in America today, You can drive a Volvo like you hate it for ac little as S2330.° Cheaper than psychiatry.