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Volvo 1800S Advert in 1969

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Saw this ads posted in FB. Enlarged and B&W it.

As a rule, cars that look as good as the Volvo 1800S don’t work as well as the Volvo 1800S.

The thing that makes them not work is driving.

Driving a sleek sports car usually get it all out of whack. The delicate, sensitive mechanisms that make a sports car go, are the very things that turn around and make it stop.

The Volvo 1800S, on the other hand, doesn’t have any delicate, sensitive mechanisms to break all the time.

On the outside it looks like a sports car. But on the inside it’s built like a truck.

As Sports Car Graphic Magazine says: “…the Volvo B-18 engine is one of the most, if not THE most reliable, rugged and unbreakable car engines being built today.”

And Bond & Track Magazine says: “In the car’s various mechanical elements there is considerable evidence of the strength above all’ design philosophy.”

Now just because it’s built like a truck, don’t get the idea it performs like one. The Volvo 1800S has been the SCCA National Racing Champion for the last two years in the F-Production class.

Which leads us to conclude that the Volvo 1800S is either the world’s fastest, prettiest truck, or the world’s toughest, most reliable sports car.

You can drive either one, without being driven to the poorhouse.