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Volvo P1800 parts shopping from VP-Autoparts USA

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This is the 2nd time I bought from VP-Autoparts USA. Placed the order 2 days ago during their Black Friday sales.

Some items have 20-25% discount, so is a good saving. Although not all items having discount, but still the combine shipping does save me some money, so I decided to order from them mostly.

The main item I wanted in this 2nd order is the Valve cover, which I have eyed since before I got the car. This is to replace the chromed valve cover of the car to prevent valve cover warp and oil leak from the top. There are two models available actually. The one I bought on the left below comes with a Volvo emblem, and crinkle finishing. The cheaper one on the right is just a think black paint and requires repainting work. Price difference of USD54.70. I wanted the Volvo logo, and I am lazy to do the painting myself, so I chose the more expensive one.

This is the current valve cover of my car. The clean chromed valve cover looks really good actually, but for practical use, the new aluminum block type can prevent oil leak from top.

Just for record, below is my first order. All are good except the 4 UNF bolts that I bought which were supposed to fit my seat belt to the wall, but no. Wasted those. Others have been installed to my car.

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