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My Volvo P1800 workshop repair

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Sent the car to a nearby workshop few weeks ago. Solved several problems, and I am really happy!

I asked the mechanic to give me a quote for the work done so far, need to have some idea how much is the charges so that I won’t have a heart attack when receiving the bill later.

These are the few problems that have been solved, which I am really happy!

  1. Alternator changed. Getting enough current and voltage for my car to run fully even with air-cond, radio and lights on now.
  2. Fuel gauge is now working, changed to an old one.
  3. Speedometer is now working, cabling problem.
  4. Painted the fan and pulley. Looks really good now!

Below are the charges by the workshop:

  • Alternator belting 2350 (Bando)Rm25
  • Air-corn belting 3500 (Bando)Rm30
  • Alternator (Mitsubishi)80Amp Rm 280
  • Fuse link Rm10
  • Radiator fan spray & pulley Rm100
  • Coolant estremo Rm45
  • Alternator current wire Rm30
  • Labour charge for check Alternator wiring,Meter
  • Wiring& install Alternator Rm 450

Total=Rm 970

Reasonable charge I would say.

More work to do:

  1. RPM tachometer still not working. Changed to an old one but still faulty.
  2. Alternator wiring too close to the exhaust header. So the mechanic is going to wrap the exhaust header (one side) with exhaust wrap to shield the heat. This is important for long term usage of the car. He will also wrap the wire with this wrap.
  3. Engine oil leak issue.

Looking forward to receiving the car soon! Love this project!