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Volvo 122s 4 doors version

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There are quite a few sellers of Volvo 122s in Malaysia. Price varies from RM10k+ to above RM40k. Some even selling at RM60k+.


This is a very nice unit that I saw at mudah.my website. I contacted the seller (car shop), and he whatsapp me these photos. The seller is a USED CAR dealer, I think he bought the car from the previous owner (which he said is Volvo ex-GM). Must be at a very good bargain he bought. He is asking for RM46.8k now for the car.


These are the extra photos in mudah listing.

Condition of the car seems good, but I do see some rust on the rear door on the passenger side from the photo.

Price still seems very high for this car in Malaysia. If it is just RM20k, then I might get one to play around. Those RM10k+ to RM20k units are in quite bad condition. Will be too much of a headache to buy and repair.

The previous owner of my Volvo P1800 has a nice Volvo 122 too. Yes, he is selling the camera too if the price is right…which is RM80k without the number plate. Below is the video from him.

Just look look…and dream…