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Alternator for my Volvo P1800

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After several weeks, finally, the workshop is able to fit a “new” alternator to my Volvo P1800. “New” instead of New as I think it is a refurbished unit, not really brand new.

Below are the photos of the alternator before fitting. The mechanic said it is from a Mitsubishi car. Output 70 ampere, vs my old one that is 60 ampere.

The mechanic has also changed the connector, wiring, and beltings of the fan and alternator.

I have asked the mechanic to repaint my fan blade and pully, he polished and spray yellow paint himself, which wasn’t thick enough and I asked him to respray. He decided to send the fan and pully to paint shop to do the work. Below are the results, which are much better.

Here are videos from the mechanic.

The mechanic has installed the fan, pully and new alternator to my car today, and did the testing of the charging voltage. Thank God, it is now giving 13.77V charging voltage with all lights, radio and air-cond ON! This is great! Previously it was 12.3V and dropping, draining power from my battery instead of charging. The new fan looks so much better than before!

This is the photo of the fan and pully before repainting.

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