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Volvo 122 Coupe 2 Doors in the Making, Restoration Work

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Got these photos from a seller. He is curently restoring his Volvo 122 Coupe, and will be selling it later.

I got in touch with him from a fellow P1800 owner. I was dreaming for a 123GT.

This is a 122, not 123GT. However, the owner said he will make it to 123GT look. I am not sure if he has all the 123GT parts, but it shall be interesting once done.

The silver 123GT that I posted previously isn’t really a real 123GT, and the owner is asking RM150k for it.

This restored 122 is asking RM80k negotiable by the owner. If the car is restored to 123GT look, it shall be similar to the silver 123GT, but at half the price. This sounds like a good bargain.

Last ppicture above shows the car ready to be sent to paint shop. The owner asked what color I want, I said pearl white should be great. Lol…I told him I am interested but not confirmed.