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Volvo 123GT Coupe

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An exciting day today! Got to see the Volvo 123GT in person!

Arranged a meet up with the owner at my house, and we meet up to chat for a few hours. I look at the car inside out, and checked the paint job too!

The paint job looks fabulous from photos, but there are actually some rust coming out from the bottom of some parts. Understandable since the paint job was done 10 years+ ago. Underneath of the car also seems to have some rust part.

I was really interested in the car for its 123GT limited edition. There are 123GT badges on both side of the fenders and one in the rear of the car trunk.

However, the car is missing the 123GT steering and tachometer, which are the most important parts to symbolise the 123GT identity. So, the only way to confirm if this is the ORIGINAL 123GT is by checking the VIN plate.

The VIN plate shows the Type as 132342 M. What does it means? You can get the information from link below:


In conclusion, it translates to:

1 = Sedan

3 = Two door body

2 = B18 D engine

3 = Special Model

4 = M40, four speed fully synchronized floor gearbox

2 = Right hand drive

M = 1967 year made

The crucial number is actually the 3rd digit, where it is 2 as above. For 123GT car, it should be 3. So, moment of truth, this is NOT an original 123GT model, but just a 122S coupe. Anyhow, this is still a cool 2 doors coupe from Volvo!

The engine compartment is very silimar to my P1800, using the same engine but slightly different gear box. This model has no overdrive, unlike my P1800. The red color valve cover really isn’t my cup of tea. If I were to bought car, I would have changed the valve cover immediately!

I took some photos of the interior as well. The owner has added some meter gauges, radio, air cond, and changed the dashboard. He has also added power steering, but with the sacrifice of the center horn. The seats are still original as per the owner, some tears but still look good. Long gear stick looks cool!

After seeing this car, I am so glad that I bought the P1800 instead of this. The P1800 is in much better condition than this, and they owner is not selling this one cheap. At least RM100k he said (the final price he told be is RM150k).

Last but not least, some photos of the car which I find interesting. Volvo badge, Marshall lights, LED headlights, air vent on the hood, and wipers.

Video of the engine compartment.

If I were to buy the car, what will I do to it for improvement? Small things that I can DIY.

  • Change the bonnet hood molding Part no: 661050, or rechrome it to metalic. Current colour is same as the bonnet, I think the painter was lazy to remove it and just spray the paint over it. The hood molding is such a nice piece to makes the car stands out! US$69.44.
  • Engine valve cover. The red is really ugly. Will change to Chrome one or the aluminum type. Valve cover B18/B20 65-76 chromed = US$49.95
  • Change the red colour vacuum hose to black, and some hose clips to stainless steel type. Estimate less than RM100.
  • Rubber seal front doors (both left and right). Part no: 672154 = US$41.67
  • Rubber seals for the bonnet front and rear.
  • Rims need repainting work. Current white paint on the rims is worn and ugly. Needs new dark silver paint.
  • Some repair works need to be done on the upholstery. Some already tore off, need stitching back.
  • I am thinking of cleaning up the dash panels gauges and radio. Not sure how to make them tidier, but there are much better examples in the internet.
  • Found some gauges holder / cup from the marketplace. Can get them at quite low price.
  • Here’s my rough mock up of the instruments
  • Last but not least, there are rust on the body here and there around the car. Rust underneath the paint, visible in some areas that have became bubbles. This will be a major work if repainted, not to mention biggest cost as well. RM8k?
  • The current brown colour carpets are really ugly. Will remove them and replace with just car mats.