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What a busy car restore day! Volvo P1800

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Loving weekends, as I have my own time to spend on the Volvo P1800.

Two days ago, I installed the seatbelt hook on the driver side. Just to test out if it works. Not perfect, but not too bad. I bought quite a number of stainless steel screws, they come in handy when you need one that fit the hole perfectly.

Yesterday (Saturday), with a good sunlight, I installed the windows scrappers that I received few days ago on the Volvo P1800. Not an easy job for me, done in around 2 hours I think. From daylight till moonlight. The size fit perfectly on both doors. No regret ordering the set all the way from USA!

Today, I did a few things.

First is to install the tailight seals that I bought from VP-Autoparts USA. At the same time, I have fitted two missing screws on the left tailight as well. All was done, and all perfect now. Happy with this!

Then, I moved on to the next big job. That’s to repaint the carburetor air filters. I have wanted to do this for a long time, either to replace them with new sparkling air filters or get them repainted. Should I say, resprayed.

I bought a mirror coated spray paint. It is a nice sunny morning, so is a perfect weather for paint job!

The is the original condition of the air filter. The one on the right is what I wanted to achieve, with an extra short bolt covering up the extra hole.

Removed both air filters from the carburetor, pried open one side of the cover, then use papers to cover up the filter part. Start spraying. Without much experience, I over spray one of the filter, and the surface wasn’t as shinny than the other. I did a few layers each.

One of the air filter paint didn’t dry up perfectly, and I touched it leaving some ugly finger prints. So I reprayed it. Have to wait overnight for it to dry up completely before I installed it.

This is how it looks now. Not perfect but I love the new shinny colour! The bolts are new, stainless steel so they won’t rust and will last!

Since I was in the spraying mood, I removed the washer fluid holder and got it sprayed as well!

this is the original condition of the holder.

Thought of buying stainless steel one from ebay, but nah…better save the money for something else. By the way, I changed the screw that hold the holder to the body to stainless steel as well!

Good work done today. Am happy!