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Charger for Car Battery

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Introduced by my buddy, Alvin, I bought this AC car charger.

The battery of my Volvo P1800 seems to be getting weaker and weaker. Not sure if it is the battery problem, or alternator problem, or something else. The last time I charged it was few weeks ago and yesterday I felt that the battery is a little weak. Getting worried driving it out, hence I decided to charge it to full this time using my newly bought car charger.

During charging, the LCD shows temperature, voltage, ampere, and also indicator of the battery power fullness.

I charged it for more than 5 hours and still not yet full. Woke up at around 4am in the morning and noticed that the charger has shown the battery was full. Voltage is 14.x volts. Tried starting the car and it started with ease instantly.

Good to go and happy with the performance.