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Volvo P1800 Wiper Bushings

I noticed that the bushings of my Volvo P1800 wiper are cracking. I guessed it has never been changed before, even after the new paint job.

So, I ordered a new set of the bushing from USA. After several weeks of waiting, I have finally gotten them yesterday. Immediately I installed the bushings after work, and they are exactly the same like the old one.

Initially I installed the bushing first, then only put the chrome cover over it. However, I find this way a bit difficult, as I can’t push the chrome cover fully into the bushing. So, I took the bushing out and insert it into the chrome cover first, then only installed both into the wiper housing.

I ttighten the nut till what I feel is strong enough to hold the bushing firmly onto the bonnet. Water shall not sip in I hope.

You mmay noticed that the wiper is not there yet, as I was waiting for the wiper rubber to arrive. The old rubber is not wiling the rain water clear enough, leaving water streaks after wiping. So I ordered universal type of rubber and cut to fit later.

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