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Volvo P1800 Carburetor Fuel Leak Repair

My car’s carburetor was leaking petrol, noticed that few days ago. Minor petrol leak, but still not safe to drive.

Obverved the leak and monitor it for few days, I suspect the leak was from the edge between the cap and the cup, so it might be the gasket issue. There could be other problems inside but I decided to first change the gasket to try out.

Ordering the gasket from oversea costs around USD6, but have to wait for few weeks. I am quite impatient so I decided to order the gasket roll paper locally and custom cut the gasket myself. There are two thickness available: 4mm and 8mm. I decided to get the 8mm type.

Ordered the rolled gasket paper 3 days ago and received it today. Cost of the “CRANFLEX Gasket Paper 0.8mm Made In England Petrol Oil Fuel Resistance Kertas Gasket – Quality Product – 0.8MM X 3FT X 1FT” is just RM10 + RM4.50 shipping.

Reached home after work at 6pm and immediately I went to dissemble the fuel float cup from the carburetor and started the repair work. Dissembling is quite easy, just remove 3 screws on top. I noticed that one of the screw is NOT original (using philips thread instead of flat line thread as per the other two screws).

I am glad that the original gasket is still there in good shape and I can use it as a template for my new custom cut gasket.

Not a perfect cut, a bit oversize. I have to trim the internal part a bit further to make it fit into the cap neatly. Outer part is oversize but that’s fine.

Put the cover back onto the cup and tighten the 3 screws firmly.

Started the car and observed the cover for a few minutes. No more petrol leak. The gasket seems to be working fine. Problem solved. 😅

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