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Volvo P1800 Battery Flat

Experiencing low battery problem on my Volvo recently. First time cannot start when I visited UTM. Then 2nd time when I visited the spare part shops. Both times have to get rescue via a jump start cable.

The battery is GP brand model. I don’t really like this brand, but the previous owner said this one is made in India, is good. I prefer Varta and Bosch brands. Amaron seems pretty good and popular too now in Malaysia.

I am not sure if the battery is faulty or just an occasionally low battery power problem. So, I borrow a battery charger from a friend and charge the battery for many hours (it is slow).

I took photos of the Voltmeter in the car showing the battery voltage. When the value dropped below 12, it won’t start. I noticed that every time I switched ON the air conditional, the Voltage dropped below 12. Goes to 11 or sometimes 10.5. This is bad I supposed, as if I stopped the car engine before switching off the air cond, it won’t go back up and won’t be able to start again.

Anyhow, after charging the battery using my friend’s charger for a few hours (more than 12 hours), I checked the Voltmeter as well as my multimeter, and it seems good.

I can start the car easily now, and will need to monitor a few more days or weeks to confirm if the battery is Good or Bad, or the alternator that needs to be changed.

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