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Alphard 2018 tyre replaced, Michelin Primacy 4 205/50 R18

Noticed recently that the tyre threads of my Alphard 2018 is bald on the two front tyres. That was on the original Toyo tyres that came with the car from Japan.

Called up a friend, and book 4 pieces of Michelin tyres for it.

Went to change the tyres yesterday. Spent quite a long time there, almost 2 hours as one of the tyre can’t be balance and he has to get a new replacement for it. All tyres were week 16, year 2021, except the problematic one changed to week 20, year 2021.

RM580 a piece.

The shop also offered to change the air inlet to chrome type for me, RM10 a piece. Looks nice, so I took the offer. RM40 total.

Free balancing and wheel alignment. Total cost RM2360.

The shop said the rear absorber is leaking oil. RM250 a piece to change, and must change in pair. I don’t think the leaking is serious, so I decided to leave it there and maybe next round of tyre change then only do the absorber change.

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