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Air filter for my Volvo P1800 Carburetor

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From day one I have noticed the extra hole in the air filter. The air filter used have 3 holes but 2 bolts. Something not right.

There seems to be two types of carburetor, one with 3 holes and one with 2 holes. Earlier version is 2 holes, or 1967 they changed to 3 holes.

Mine is 1965, so I was guessing that it was having 2 holes. However, as the air filter is expensive, and have to get a pair (2 units), so I don’t want to order yet without confirming.

I got a set of spanners, cheaply at just RM17.50 + RM3 shipping. Pretty useful for me to access the rear part of the nut in order to detach the air filter from the carburetor. I tried using wrench and plier, while I can remove it but it will be hard to detach it back. So I waited till I gotten the spanner set.

Finally I was able to detach the air filter and confirmed that the 3 holes type is WRONG. The extra hole is not sealed and letting air goes into the filter and into the carburetor without filtering. This is definitely NOT right. I will need to get a new set of air filters with the correct type.

Another thing I noticed, there is no gasket in between the air filter and the carburetor. Not right. I will have to order a set of gasket too.

More shopping soon!

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