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Volvo P1800 Water Pump for Wiper Nozzle

I have tested the water pump for the wiper nozzle of my Volvo P1800 several times. No function or response. I remembered hearing the pump soared, but I thought I was wrong. Then yesterday when I started the car, I heard the pump soared again. This time I make sure it was really soaring before I turned off the controller inside the car dashboard.

I then check the pipe going to the pump. This was how it was connected initially. I thought something not right, as the output should not be pointing towards the brake pump.

I started the pump again and there is no water going in or out. Just sound of the pump running. I thought of giving it some water so get it running. So I got my cycling drinking bottle and pumped in some water into the pump. Tried again, and still no water coming out. However, this time I can see air bubble coming out from the water reservoir next to it. This confirmed that the pipe was connected wrongly in reverse.

I took out the wiper pipe that I bought few weeks back and did a reconnection to the pump from the water reservoir. I also changed the pipe inside the water reservoir bottle so that it can reach the bottom long enough.

I am glad that the water pump is working. Now just have to wait for my wiper nozzle to arrive before I can replace the plastic type nipples on my car.

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