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First Full Tank, Volvo P1800

As the fuel gauge is faulty, I am not sure how much fuel left inside the car. Hence, today I decided to give it a full tank fuel so that I can have an estimate of how far I can go before the next fueling.

As usual, went to my favorite petrol station, Petronas, fueling up RON 97.

Fueled up 19.34 litre, obviously there are still more than half a tank fuel left inside originally. The previous owner has replaced the original fuel tank to a custom made stainless steel one, but I assumed the capacity to be similar, which is 45L.

Volvo P1800 fuel consumption is 25 miles per gallon, or 9.4 litre per 100km, or 10.63km per litre. Assuming I have 45L fuel inside the tank now, so I should be able to go 478 km (297 miles) before it empties out.

As the speedometer is in miles, current reading is 33901 miles, and I shall have my next refueling before 34198 miles.

Next will be engine oil, gear box oil and over drive oil change.

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