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There is still Miracle today!

Praise the Lord for His grace and mercy!

I want to share a testimonial today. My wife went to Perak for business trip. Delivering orders (two seperates) to a customer there.

Two orders, one already in hand and she brought it there.
2nd order, the stock is flying from oversea to Perak, time is quite critical. We use Fedex priority hoping that the shipment can arrive on time on Tuesday, so that my wife can deliver the two orders at the same time to the customer.
On Sat, we got an email from Fedex saying that the parcel has been delayed. The parcel is still stuck at Guangzhou China. The original planned delivery date is Tuesday, if delayed, then it will be later than Tuesday and Lydia will have trouble delivering the goods on time.
Time is crucial in her case, as Thursday is public holiday (16th Sept Malaysia Day), and she has her AZ vaccine appointment on Friday in Johor. She has to come back to Johor on time. We have even planned on postponing the vaccine time if she can’t get the parcel on time.

We can only pray for miracle to happen.

She made many phone calls to Fedex, but Sat and Sun they are not working. Finally dragged till Monday and Lydia called Fedex for update.

We got an email from Fedex on Monday morning 7.06am that the parcel has been departed to Sepang Airport. This is really good news and there is a possibility that the parcel can arrive on time! However, there is another challenge. If the parcel was destined to Johor, normally we can receive the parcel on the same day in the evening. This time it is routed to Perak and Fedex said they use Citylink to deliver. We prayed again for miracle to happen and no delay by Citylink.
This morning (Tuesday), Lydia went to Sitiawan citylink office early in the morning around 8am (her appointment with the customer is 11am). A Citylink truck was there unloading goods from KL. Lydia asked the staff there if there is any parcel from Fedex. They said YES, and this is when we want to really praise our Lord for the miracle and providence! Our parcel is here ON TIME! Not just on time but earlier! Lydia took the parcel and went back to her house to do all the documentation work so that she can deliver the TWO orders at 11am later!

Lydia deliver the two orders and completed all the work by around 3pm just now. The customer is “Royal Malaysian Navy” and there are strict SOP to follow. Lydia only have one day to enter their compound and that is today (Tuesday).

We really want to thank God for all the providence. For man everything seems impossible, but for God anything is possible.

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