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Volvo P1800 day 2: changing signal lights, repairing door panels

It was an exciting day! Walking around the car and finding something to do.

I decided to work on the signal light. The original one is all rust out and one bulb is faulty. I could just replace the bulb but the rust and harden rubber are kinda annoying. I am sure water is sipping into it. I already noticed this when the owner removed the cover back then, as one of the bulb (upper smaller bulb) is faulty.

I have bought a set of signal lights from ebay. They are the original Lucas lights for P1800. The lights are in near new condition. Looks more like an old stock rather than an used one take out from old car. Really happy with the purchase at US$60.86 incl. shipping to my USA address.

Removing the lights was not to difficult, but still requires some time for me to do. Understanding the wiring, then fitted back the new lights to the car.

Took me a few hours for the whole process. Yeah, kinda long as I have problem fitting and removing. I almost gave up but I am glad that I didn’t. Looks so much nicer with the new signal set! (old cover, but inner is new!)

This is the old signal lights removed from the car. Harden rubber and all rust up at edges. The smaller bulbs are so fragile that they broken into pieces after I tried to remove them form the socket.

After fitting the signal lights, I move on to the door panel part. I removed the panels on the passenger side first, as it was loose. You can pull the handle from inside the car, as the handle and the panel are not attached to the door at all!

After removing the leather panels, it reveal the bare metal part. There are quite many holes, some drilled by the previous owner I guessed. Trying to fit the panels to the door via screws maybe. Since there are already some hole there, so I decided to use the screws method to secure the panels to the door firmly. Tried with 3 screws at different hole locations, and I was able to fit the handle panel to the door quite firmly. I then fit the bottom and upper parts. Still missing some parts but for the time being this shall do.


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