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Finally, got my dream car! Volvo P1800

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I got my dream car, finally! Got the name transferred today, was hoping to get it done yesterday (9.9.2021), but got problem with the computer at the motorcycle shop (using MYEG system) yesterday. Spent 1.5 hours at the shop waiting but not avail. The shop called me in the afternoon saying have to wait for a week to get their computer / MYEG system done.

Today I called the shop in the morning, and the boss has arranged for me to go to another shop (his buddy’s shop) for the name transfer thumbprint. 35 mins distance from my place, and I went there immediately. At around 11am, got it done and the car is under my name finally.

10 Sept 2021

Arranged full payment to the owner and I went to take the car at 2.30pm. My good friend, Alvin, sent me there. I still remembered he fetch me get my first sports car too, the Peugeot RCZ.

Arrived at 3.10pm, we walked around the car, started the engine for a few mins. Suddenly the fuel hose to the carburettor was leaking fuel. The hose has cracked. The owner cut the hose and reconnect it temporary. I wanted to get the car today, but it is actually quite scary with such problem. Definitely do not want the hose to leak again during my trip back.

After waited a few more minutes, it seems OK and I was on my way back. Took the photo before departing. My friend, Alvin was in the back in the photo.

Drove about 35 mins to reach home. Since the speedometer is faulty, I have no idea what’s the speed was. I was following my friend’s car from behind, he said we cruised at around 80km/hr. We drove in the highway. I tried the Overdrive and it works nicely. The car was REALLY NOISY at high speed. Engine and wind noise was quite crazy…and lots of vibration sounds inside the car too. Feel like lots of loose parts.

Have the car a good wash, and wiped dry. Found some leaking parts. Need to take note if drove out during rain.

Did a few small parts change immediately (bought earlier). First is to change the battery terminal to a more secure version with plastic protective cover.

My boy was attracted to the car. I got him sitting inside the car and took some photos.

Me with my new dream car! Volvo P1800 or 1800S made in Sweden, 1965 based on the car VIN number, but 1966 as per the registration certificate in Malaysia. My special number plate too, SYP 1800!

I want to thank my lovely wife for supporting me in getting the car! Thank God for grace and protection too!