11 June 2023


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Volvo Genuine Rubber Cushion for Bonnet or Door

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I accidentally browse into the rubber cushion for bonnet when checking out other P1800 related items at ebay. I then checked the engine bay of the black P1800 that I was going to get.

I remembered the car only have one footing, and one missing rubber. To double confirm, I go back to the photos I snapped (it is good to get as many photos as possible for future references).

Yes, it is missing the rubber cushion. Weird, there is only one bonnet foot in the car? Doesn’t sounds right…and it should balance out left and right.

So, I went on to check others P1800 engine bay from the internet. Yes, there should be TWO feet.

I have no idea why the black one is missing, could it be due to an accident? I really hope not…I checked with the current owner, he isn’t sure as well.


Anyhow, I decided to buy the rubber cushion from ebay for the one left, but still I bought a pair of the rubber cushion as I am thinking of custom made one and wield it back later at a workshop.

Subtotal $15.98
Shipping $7.80
Total US$23.78