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Windscreen Washer Nozzle missing on Volvo P1800

Last night, while looking for the replacement of washer tank for the P1800, I noticed something not right. The washer pump has inlet and outlet connector, but only the inlet connector is connected to the washer tank, while the outlet is unconnected. I wasn’t very sure until I check again the photos from others, and confirmed that the car is missing the washer nozzle on the hood.

I didn’t realize that as I initially I do see two dots there on the bonnet, I thought it is working washer nozzles.

I checked again the old photo from the current owner, it seems like the previous owner already have the washer nozzle replaced with e dummy studs.

Photo below are from the internet of a P1800 I found. The silver colour washer nozzles are obvious and nice. I shall get them from oversea and replace the dummy one soon!

Most important thing is the wiring and washer pump. I hope they are still working, then it would make installing of the pipes and new nozzle must easier.

More shopping later after I got the car. This should be an easy fix.


Found a set of this from ebay, used pair removed from a Volvo 1800E. The brand is Trico. Both are missing the rubber washer on both of the unit to secure to the hood to avoid water leakage.

I might bid for this pair later…original is nice, although new is not expensive as well, and this pair condition is a bit scratchy.

Update 30th Aug 2021 (Monday)

I bid for the USED set of the washer nozzle above at ebay but didn’t win. I bid at US$25.10 and another bidder outbid me at US$26.10. I don’t want to go higher than the price as this is an used set with unknown condition.

Anyhow, I bought a new pair of reproduction via ebay as well from Skandix seller via ebay at US $23.95 a piece. Obviously I need two, so it break down to:

Subtotal $47.90
Shipping Free
Tax $3.23
Total US$51.13

Not cheap at around RM220 for a set of reproduction, but I just want to try out the quality from Skandix product vs other US sellers.

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