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Volvo P1800 – A Barn Find in Malaysia?

The current owner of this stunning black Volvo P1800 sent me some photos of his BQ10 when he original bought it. It is a barn find in a small town in Malaysia, Batu Pahat, Johor. He said the previous owner has kept the car in a garage for more than 10 years, and is full of dust of course.

The original plate BQ10 is on the car registration. The car is brown colour according to him, looks like the previous owner has already painted it long ago from the factory original pearl white as according to the VIN plate codes.

The car looks dusty but not rusty, that’s a good sign. It should have been kept with a roof top garage in such condition.

From the photo, there are some dismantled parts, eg. right tail light missing, front grill on the hood is not attached (can be seen inside the car’s dashboard), rusty rims. Overall still very good condition for a restore work!

What a lucky find by the current owner! I am lucky to have found the current owner to inherit the car too!

Here’s the current condition of the car, which is really a great restored externally! There are maybe still 10-15% work to be done to get the car complete, but I think that’s the fun for me to be part of the restoration process!

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