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My Volvo P1800 Number Plate Ready!

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Got a whatsapp photo from the seller today. The number plate of my up coming P1800 is ready!

The photo below was taken in the boot of the car. He hasn’t attached it yet, as the car will need to be inspected by Puspakom before he can attached the new number plate to it.

Initially I requested the same design of number plate as per his existing one, which is very nice with chrome type of lettering.

However, he said the shop that did the number plate has closed down and a new shop recommended a painted design like the following.

It took 3 days for the shop to prepare the above number plate. Shouldn’t be too difficult, but is of course much more work than just a normal black plate with stick on lettering. I have seen my uncle done this type of car plate many many years ago when I was still a kid. The process requires spraying black paint and white paint onto the plate separately, and the final outcome very much depending on the person’s skill and patient.

Anyhow, I quite like the design as per the above. I think it look good, and the font type looks simple and clean.

Below was the mock up I did few days ago, but I was using a different font type.

Oh, by the way there are two spare tail light covers in the photo, brand new from the owner. I thought he has a pair, but not is one each.