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A Rotten Volvo P1800 1800S in Johor

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A friend sent me photos of this rotten Volvo P1800 (from the bumper, it looks like a 1965 or beyond model). What a pity to see such a beautiful car rotten to such condition.

I called the workshop and talked to the mechanics. He said the owner is a Malay, but does not want to sell the car. He said many has come to his workshop and asked about the car, and there is a Chinese that offer RM100k to the owner but he still refused to sell. I doubt anybody will offer such high price for such condition of the car, but the Mechanics said the plate number of the car is JE500, quite a nice classic plate number. Maybe the plate number is worth some money, but still, I think RM100k is way too much.

Such condition might cost more than RM50k in restoring.