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Volvo P1800 Seat Belts / Safety Belts

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The black Volvo P1800 (or more accurately 1800S) comes without a seat belt. The current owner has removed the seat belts for all of his classic cars. He said classic cars no need seat belts. He was quite right, as Volvo only invented the 3 points safety belts in 1959, and safety belts are not mandatory during that time.

He did showed me a set of seat belts, but they looks weird, and I think it is a 2 points design or maybe from a different car. Buckled together like airplane seat belts.

Anyhow, I need seat belts for the car. Seat belts are for safety, so it is a must. I checked online for classic safety belts for Volvo P1800, and there are two designs, A and B.

A should be the earlier design, while B has a more modern quick release system, which should be the mother of today’s seat belt design.

I prefer type A, but not easy to find. An US member from FB offered a set to me at US$200, which is quite a lot for me to pay for. He also mentioned that many of this design suffered from faulty spring, which is hardly repairable.

I searched ebay, and found the A set from ebay.fr, but is sold at EUR 112,86 (around US$133). That’s a good deal that I would jump to if still available, as it comes completes with all the bolts and plate and hook.

I tried search ebay.com for similar seat belts but only found type B.

This particular type B unit is having a date code of Nov 1967. That’s 2 years younger than the car but 10 years older than me!

This is the ebay auction page. This seller was asking US$149.99 for it, and I added the product to my watch list 2 days ago. To my surprised, I got an offer from the seller with US$20 discount. It is a good price but as I haven’t decided to get the car, or the car owner might have a suitable seat belts for me, so I don’t want to spend the money yet.

Today, I just try my luck by offering US$80 to the seller. Within a few minutes, I got an email from ebay saying that the seller has accepted my offer and I am not committed to BUY and PAY. Seriously? That’s fast and unreal! I didn’t expect the seller to accept such low offer from me, or I should have tried US$50…haha…

Anyhow, an offer is a commitment. Since I offered and he accepted, so I just went ahead and paid for it. It is still a good deal for such a price, though condition might not be tip top, but that’s a piece of history to go along with the car.

Below are the photos of the seat belts from the seller. One particular belt is quite worn out. I doubt the seat belts have gone through any wash before…so might need a deep wash before using.

Subtotal (1 item) $80.00
Shipping Free + Tax (we are required by law to collect sales tax and applicable fees for certain tax authorities.) $5.40 (Sending to US address)
Order total $85.40

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