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Sending cars to Sarawak from Johor

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I got two cars from my father in Miri, Sarawak 6 years ago. One Peugeot 407 and another is Kia K5. As my house do not have enough parking space, I have decided to return the cars to my father in Miri. I am in Johor.

My wife was driving the Kia most of the time, while I drove Peugeot 407. Personally I prefer the Peugeot 407 as it is a very solid and firm handling car. Kia is a bit flimsy and I can never adjusted the seat to my liking. Kia was parked inside the house, while 407 has been left outside for over a year. Many passerby even though the car is faulty and abandoned. That’s sad…

Last week I finally decided to redo the car to working condition. Battery has been flat for long, and one tyre got punctured. I jump started the car via Kia, and sent the car to nearby tyre shop to get all the 4 tyres changed (Goodyear), new Amaron DIN 74 battery, and an oil change + filter change service. Drove the car the next few days and it is working well. Two more small issue though, air cond not cool and rear passenger window faulty. I have gotten the parts but not yet repaired. So I put the parts inside the car and my father will get it done in Miri later.

This were the two cars parked outside my house yesterday night before I sent them away today.

Google online and found some movers that can send your car door to door. Yes, from your door in Johor to your door in Miri. Sea included.

I think I contacted two or 3 companies, one got reply to me immediately with a quote. I think their website system is good, can get quote within a day.

I replied to the quote that I will transport two cars, got their reply with a new quote within 10 mins. That’s efficient!

I collected all the required information, and email to them the next day and confirmed the booking. No payment yet.

Documents required for  COMPANY CAR 

i. Form 9, Form 49 and Any Director IC 

ii. Any of the Director’s IC (front and back)

iii. Vehicle Registration Card

For Personal Car (No loan)

i. Owner IC ( front and back)

ii. Vehicle Registration Card

Today, the car truck came to my place to take the cars. A bit sad seeing them go…but I know they are going to my father’s house, so they have a better place with roof to be taken care of.

Thank you Kia and 407 for serving us. Goodbye…