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Free Compressor & Condenser for my Peugeot RCZ

Got a call from Peugeot service center early July 2021 in Johor. The service personal told me that my Peugeot RCZ (9 years old) has a free recall for the compressor and condenser free of charge.

Recall name IS HYP

After verifying with the Peugeot center (call their official phone), I proceed with the exchange of parts. Though my car’s compressor and condenser has no issue at all, still it is good to get them changed since there is a recall for it free of charge.

The service personal took my car from my house on 6th July to their workshop to do the service and parts exchange. It has been a long time I didn’t service my car, so I told him to do a full service for her.

The final bill for the service of the car came to RM1001.05, and the parts exchange didn’t carry out as they found out that the condenser is different from their stock unit. So, only did the servicing. The found that out after removing the front bumper.

Anyhow, they did help in correcting the front daytime running light on the left side of my car (passenger side). This really bother me as it looks ugly with just one light ON. I am glad that they managed to correct that for me.

On 10th Aug 2021, they took my car in for the compressor and condenser exchange work, after gotten the parts from KL.

Above are the photos of the work they carried out, new compressor and condenser in the photos. After 9 years of usage, the condenser is sure dirty and old. So it is good to get a new condenser for free!

The repair cost comes to RM3624.70 on paper.

Good to know that Peugeot is still taking care of their customers even though the warranty has long gone (5 years warranty).

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