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My first Sports Car, Peugeot RCZ

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Bought my first sports car 10 years ago. It was a really big decision, as this is a 3 door car not a family car, and the price is a lot for a lecturer salary… 😅

I have a very supportive wife. She knew this is my dream car and I have been browsing the Internet for it for many nights. She knew this is not a practical car but she still support my dream. Some more the one I wanted is a manual gear drive (more horse power, and slightly more expensive than Auto drive). I did some calculations, and with a 9 years loan, that’s around RM2.5k monthly installment. Since I don’t have any car loan commitment, so this is still bearable by me.

I was 35 years old at that time. Not so young, but not too old yet to drive a sports car. I don’t want to wait till 50 to buy and drive my first sports car. It is like a teenager dream to be able to own a nice looking sports car and drive around. Yes, it was a really attractive and head turning car back then! My whole faculty was talking about it and who drove it! Students were surprised to see a sports car in the faculty as well! Yeah…it was really a fame back then! Isn’t that the reason to drive a sports car? LOL…

The car has been my daily ride for nearly 10 years (9 years 3 months to be exact). From daily communicating between UTM to my house to now between my company and my house. We live nearby of where we work, so the mileage is still pretty low of less than 50k km.

Peugeot does not have very good name in Malaysia nowadays due to their car problems. Many that bought the 308, 408, 508, and including the RCZ have experience nightmare with their cars. Gearbox, engine, sensorsss….etc. Mine have lots of issue after the warranty period ends, which is 5 years. I left the car in the garage for nearly a year. Air cond was blowing hot air, coolant fluid leaking, engine fault…etc.

Till one day I decided to bring the car to Peugeot service center for a thorough repair and checkup. And to my surprised Peugeot has an official recall for the car that includes a series of changes and repair for the car FREE of charge. On paper the bill is almost Rm20k, but I have to pay none. The best part is they know what’s the problems and they were able to rectify and get everything corrected. There is another small recall and repair after the first major recall, and all were good after that.

After the repair 5 years ago, I fall in love once again with the car and it continue to serve me well daily.

Photo below was taken just now after getting off from work and heading back home.