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I got my AZ AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in Malaysia

I took my AstraZeneca (AZ) COVID-19 vaccine two days ago (23rd July 2021). That’s after nearly 2 months waiting. My wife and I tried to grab the chance of the vaccine when it opens for registration for Johorean on 23rd May 2021. Many were trying to grab the vaccines, as cases in Malaysia has risen to a worrying numbers. Thank God, my wife got her vaccine queue too, and she took it a week early than mine.

Not to debate which vaccine is better, since there is no options, any vaccine is better than no vaccine.

My wife sent me to Persada Johor International Convention Centre at around 9am on the 23rd July 2021 (Sat) morning. We arrived at around 9.30am. The process is smooth and not so crowded. My appointment is at 10am but they do allow us to queue and walk in for registration earlier. No crowd and I got my vaccine in less than 15 mins. Then the waiting time of 15-30 mins to ensure that there is no side effect before leaving the building.

The nurse that gave me the vaccine showed me the quantity of the vaccine (0.5ml) before injecting. After injecting, he showed me again the empty syringe. One part that I missed, I didn’t see him pumping the vaccine from the bottle, but he should be honest. Still, I shall remember to take the photo of the AZ vaccine bottle on the 2nd doze appointment. The needle is very tiny, so it doesn’t hurt that much. More anxious than hurt.

There are a few stations that you will need to scan your QR code using the Mysejahtera APP and fill up a questionnaire form to check on your medical condition. There are some doctors there to ask you some medical history and questions and you need to sign in front of the doctor before proceed to the vaccine room.

The Stages

If I remembered the process correctly, first queue is to get your Mysejahtera checked by the workers outside the building to ensure that you have the proper appointment before letting you in. You must have your IC ready for checking as well. They will tag your shirt with a number.

Then, you proceed to enter the building to a place to get your questionnaire form. Another check of your Mysejahtera APP and your IC. With the form, you will have a QUEUE number below. The counter personal will help you filling up the form. You will need to prepare your own pen during the fill up process. He / she will read out to you if you do not understand. In my case, she kept reminding me NOT to sign on the form. You can only sign the form when meeting the doctor later.

My number is A0163, so I assumed there is already 162 people before me on the same day.

After the 2nd station, I enter another room waiting to be called by the doctor for medical interview. This is the real doctor meeting you up to check on your medical health before allowing you to take the vaccine. She will ask you some questions and then requesting you to SIGN on the form you fill up just now.

The 4th stage is the vaccination hall. This is the real deal. I went there and waited less than a min and was call to get my vaccine. It is basically a place with divider rooms. I was asked to sit and wait outside those rooms, but I told I prefer to stand. Then the worker said one of the room is ready. I went in and inside the room, there is only one nurse or personal. He asked me to scan my Mysejahtera another time, and asked me to sit on the chair opposite him to prepare for the vaccine. I didn’t realize that he got the vaccine from the bottle, which my wife has reminded me few times. My bad. However, the nurse was professional enough to show me the quantity of the vaccine (0.5ml) before and after the injection. I trusted that he was doing his job honestly and truthfully.


I wear double mask (one Medicos mask, one KN95 mask) and a face shield. Brought my own pen, and an alcohol spray. Always spray and disinfect my hands. Many are wearing single mask in the hall, including those doctors and workers. Quite a high risk place since there are so many people that come and go daily. We need to be more careful ourselves.

After getting out from the waiting hall (after the 20 mins waiting time), there are some signboard for you to snap some memorable photos. Don’t touch the signboard, as there might be thousands of people touching. Took selfie from far. I took two photos and left.

Surprised to see a STARBUCKS truck outside selling drinks. Nah…not going to buy…dangerous time.

Now…how’s the side-effect?

Day 1 that took the vaccine.

Hand a bit sore. Feel tired. Drank lots of water and herba tea.

Day 2

Tired. Can’t wake up early to go to work. Whole day rest at home. No appetite. Slight fever at 37.1 deg C. Slight body ache, not sure is from the vaccine or from my previous body sore after exercise. Drank lots of water and herba tea.

Day 3

Feel OK today. Hand still a bit sore but slight only. Feel like just recovered from illness. Head still a bit dizzy but no more fever. Gaining strength and appetite.

Having side effect is good, as it means your body is reacting towards the vaccine, or in other word, you got the real vaccine and not distill water.

I thank God for keeping me alive. I thank God for giving me the chance to get the vaccine to protect myself, my family and my country.

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