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Peugeot RCZ Parts Recall? 2021

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Received a phone call from Peugeot Plentong Service Center yesterday. I saved their number long time ago, so when they called me, I got their company name shown there. My Peugeot RCZ was bought in there 9 years ago.

Surprised to hear from the service advisor that there is a recall of RCZ to change Compressor and Condensor Free of Charge. My aircond unit is still performing well, so I am not so keen to do the change. Why I am surprised?

  • My car warranty already finished 4 years ago. Warranty is only 3 years from original date of purchase, then I paid some money to extend another 2 years.
  • Peugeot RCZ already discontinued few years back. No longer in production.

Anyhow, since my car got some error code and long time didn’t service, I thought why not just send to them and let them do the recall parts changed and get my car serviced and check up. Of course, the best part is that the service advisor Mr. Pravin offered to help me drive my car there to service and return back to me after it was done.

After considering, I decided to give it a go. So today’s my car is there in the service center.

Got a call from Pravin, saying that their current stock of condensor is different from my car. So they have to order the parts first before they can do the free recall change for me.

Anyhow, they managed to solve my car day light problem. Wiring was broken due to rotten bite. They found the broken cable and connected it back for me. I am really happy for this one has been solved. So ugly for my car showing just one daylight. OK, pardon me for the broken car plate. Will replace that one soon.

Did a 100k km service (actual mileage less than 50k), so have to change gear box oil and engine oil. Pollen filter they charge RM107, so I them to remove it from the list. I can get one from outside and replace it myself at less than RM50.

Total damage RM894.05 today, and the free compressor + condensor still not yet done.

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