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My iPad Pro 12.9″ M1 Finally Arrived!

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After waiting for more than a month, to be exact is 47 days (20th May placed order, received on 5th July 2021), I have finally received my long dreamed iPad Pro 12.9″ M1 unit! My staff gotten it out of the box and passed it to me.

I have the protective cover arrived few days before I received my iPad Pro. I ordered it few days after I got an email from Apple that my iPad Pro is shipped and on the way from China to my address. It took 5 days for the iPad Pro to reach me, while the casing is only took 3 days from China to Malaysia.

Then the Open Box part…

I have the custom printing at the back of the iPad Pro, EMMAMEG KOH, which stands for Emmanuel and Megumi. Rabbit and Pig.

First impression when holding the iPad Pro in hand is that it is super thin! Quite light to hold, but due to the big size, feel a bit insecure. That’s the reason to have the protective cover.

After Adding the protective cover, you don’t have the thin feeling anymore, but still not so thick. It has a magnetic flip that will auto wake up the iPad Pro once you flip it open.

Installed some APP after reaching home. Watched Netflix movie (not a good ratio), and enjoying it quite a lot.